New Delhi, India – Two female Indian journalists who were detained in the northeastern state of Assam for reporting religious violence against Muslims in the neighboring Tripura state were granted bail.

 Swarna Jha and Samriddi Sakunia were arrested on Sunday. This raised alarms with journalists, activists and politicians who ahegao complete children’s health acr health occupational health nurse jobs perfect hair health north beach health club whatley health services referred to the incident as a “violation” of freedom of the press.

 Sujit Nair is the co-founder and managing director of HW News Network. On Monday the Chief Judicial Magistratrate of Tripura’s Gomati District granted bail to the station’s journalists Sakunia and Jha.

 “Our gratefulness to our lawyers and to everyone else who listened to us,”” tweeted the lawyer.

 Sakunia and Jha were accused of publishing false news that was intended to disrupt harmony among the communities. In their 20s, the journalists were covering Tripura that witnessed huge-scale anti Muslim violence earlier this month. More than 12 mosques were set on fire.

 The Tripura police had filed cases against 102 individuals including journalists, for social media posts about the violence , under the strict Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act or UAPA. They were accused of propagating fake news by the police.

 According to HW News Network, a complaint was made against Sakunia and Jha on Sunday morning by the Tripura police on the  planet fitness gainesville covd hard jewelry europa supplements outdoor yoga purple yoga costco exercise bike stamina exercise bike exercise bar basis of a complaint made by Kanchan Das who is a member of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (World Hindu Council or VHP) which is affiliated with the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

 ‘Violation of Press Freedom’

 Numerous bodies of the press, including the Editors Guild of India and the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) have expressed their displeasure at the police’s actions towards journalists, and called for the immediate release of journalists.

 “Detention of Samriddhi and Swarnaa is an infraction of Press Freedom,” CPJ stated in a statement.

 “Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Kum Kumar Deb needs to instruct Assam Police immediately to release Sakunia & Jha and request Tripura Police not to harass journalists in order to complete their work.”

 The group condemned the police’s actions, EGI said: “[EGI] demands immediate release of the prisoners and reinstatement of their freedom to travel.”

 Rahul Gandhi, the leader of Congress, the main  push jerk exercise neck exercise machines chin tuck exercise beta blockers and exercise scissor exercise flanax candy charms guerilla street opposition party, on Sunday accused the BJP “killing journalism”.

 “The BJP system is busy killing journalism. Gandhi posted in Hindi, “But when has the truth stopped in the face of lies?”

 ‘Do not ask too many questions’

 India’s Supreme Court has agreed to fix a date for the hearing of an appeal against the Tripura police’s decision to invoke anti-terror  lean body system tulasana compartes chocolate peeled garlic bear river health department prostate health ollies roots behavioral health laws on two Tripura lawyers who visited the state as part of a fact-finding team.

 According to the team that conducted the fact-finding, Muslims were victims of violence. They also said that Hindu outfits such as VHP, Hindu Jagran Manch, (HJM) and Bajrang Dal were involved.

 Laxmi Murthy (a member of Network of Women in Media India) claimed that these arrests were intended to send a message to other journalists not to overstep the boundaries.

 “It is designed to send a message, which it does, not just the individual journalist but generally the media, that if they dare to cross a line and pose excessive questions, this is what is in store for you,” Murthy said.

 “It’s very ironic that journalists who are trying to find the root of the communal war are themselves being investigated under the guise that  reynolds army health clinic camellia health care belcara health watkins health center my legacy health fresno state health center  allow for causing communal tensions. This is extremely ironic and alarming.

 “Just take the official version or the police version, and you’re done. This is the way we recommend when reporting these times.”

 India ranked 122nd on the World Press Freedom Index of Reporters Without Borders (RSF) an French NGOin the year 2010. But its ranking throughout the years has been declining steadily. India was ranked 142nd out of 180 nations in 2021.

 Who is responsible for the violence?

 After the anti-Hindu violence in Bangladesh the far-right Hindu groups held protest rallies in Tripura. They were accused of attacking Muslims and their places of worship, and mosques.